Breakers & Fuses

Anaheim Electrician Fixing A Breaker

Breakers defined

These refer to switch-like devices found in the electrical panel. They protect the wiring of your home as well as the electrical appliances you are using.

What makes your breaker keep tripping?

A loose circuit is by far the most common reason for the continuous tripping of a breaker. This can be solved quickly by tightening the connections; although it is HIGHLY recommended that this be performed by a professional and licensed electrician. You should never try tightening or replacing or even removing the breaker on your own. Only let a trusted professional to do it. There is a great risk of destruction to your electrical system and electrocution.

Orange County Electrician Fixing A Breaker

Ignore a tripping breaker at your own risk! There is always a reason why your breaker is tripping. In case it trips just after you have reset it, it indicates that the circuit has a short and needs to be evaluated. Just call us and your tripping breaker will be resolved.

Orange County Electrician Fixing Breaker