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Replacing a light switch

There are times when light switches need replacing. While you are free to buy a switch from your nearest store, never attempt to carry out the replacement yourself. Only let proven professionals do it. Otherwise, you risk damaging your electrical system and even causing a fire or, worse still, be electrocuted.

Moving a light switch

It could be that you have renovated your home or rearranged furniture to give your room a fresher look. However, you realize that your light switch is no longer accessible. Don’t worry, as we can move your light switch with the least amount of fuss.

Anaheim Electrician Installing A Lighting Fixture
“Switch” to dimmer!

Dimming the lighting of a room is one of the easiest things you can do to update a room’s look. Change the atmosphere, set the mood or just accord your eyes the ideal amount of light. Dimmers change or even improve the use of space or a room.

If you want to move or replace a switch, or turn to dimmer, just call us today!

Anaheim Electrician Dimmer Switches